Concerto Cantatio for Violin and Orchestra

'Cantatio' is Latin for music or perhaps song. Other definitions include charm, spell and incantation. This violin concerto is in a lyrical and tonal vein, with melody and its development being the prime focus of the piece.

It is in three movements. The first movement follows a sonata form plan although the two themes heard at the start - the first on the low strings at the beginning and the second played by the solo - are more complementary to one another rather than contrasting as one might normally expect.

The second movement is titled 'Cantilena' and begins at 14'.10". This consists of one long, continuous melody for the soloist played over a harmonic sequence that is repeated three times before a coda brings the movement to an end.

The third movement starts at 21'.14" and is in ternary (ABA) form with a cadenza and final, affirmative coda.

The solo here is played beautifully by the concert master of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Igor Yuzefovich and I am indebted to him for his editing of the part. You can find him here…