Concert works to date

  • Violin Sonata
  • Partita Concordia for String trio
  • Part songs book1 for unaccompanied SATB
  • Words of Love and Loss. Song cycle for soprano and piano
  • Adagio for Strings
  • Theme and Variations for strings
  • Concerto for Clarinet, Percussion and Strings
  • Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
  • Symphony no1
  • Symphony no2
  • Concerto Cantatio for Violin and Orchestra
  • Holmside. Symphonic scenes for Orchestra
  • Preludes and Fugues for piano solo

Below you will find recordings of some of the above and some brief programme notes.
On the Scores page you will also be able to listen and read the score to most of these works.

Violin Sonata

Performed by Alexandra Wood on violin and Huw Watkins on piano

1st movement - Sonata.
A lyrical opening theme gives way to a tense, urgent second theme. Both are then discussed and reprised. A reflective coda follows.

2nd movement - Toccata.
Virtuosic and fast paced. In A/B/A/coda form.

3rd movement - Song
A moving theme with a quicker, nervous central section.

4th movement - Variations.
As the title suggests with a reprise of the first theme from Sonata, followed by a final coda.

Partita Concordia for string trio

Performed by Alexandra Wood - violin, Levine Andrade - viola, Richard Harwood - cello

The Partita Concordia was written in response to being deeply moved by Bach's solo violin Partitas and Cello Suites.
Each movement uses a dance form and more often than not, retains the rhythmic character of each. Although at times the music could be considered pastiche, the illusion is disrupted frequently with harmony that is more contemporary. Contrapuntal devices are used almost consistently throughout.
As suggested by the title, the music is tonal.

1 - Prelude

2 - Allemande

3 - Bouree

4 - Sarabande

5 - Gigue alla Fugue

6 - Pavanne

7 - Galliard

8 - Galliard

9 - Postlude

Adagio for Strings

Commisioned by Levine Andrade for the Tapestry Chamber Ensemble.

This piece is also tonal. It has a pensive sadness to it as do all Adagios.

Theme and Variations for String Orchestra

This piece is in a more progressive style. The theme is presented by a solo violin. There are 6 variations in total, each one exploring different aspects of the theme.

Concerto for Clarinet, Percussion and Strings

This piece is also in a more contemporary language. It is in 3 movements although movements 2 and 3 are joined together by a cadenza for the clarinet. The soloist is the brilliant Anthony Pike -

1st movement

2nd and 3rd movements