Here are some examples of commercial work I've done over the years. I've just selected a few classical pieces rather than including any of the other genres I was called upon to work in, of which there were many.

AT&T 'Belly Buttons'. Winner of an AICP award and finalist at the British Television Advertising Craft awards in 2002
Recorded at Studio 2 Abbey Road

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Mercedes 'Better'. Another AICP winner

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Extract from Father Christmas. Animated film for Channel 4/ TVC productions. Winner of an Annecy Award.

This music is the scoring for when Father Christmas realises he's forgotten to deliver the presents to Buckingham Palace. He goes on a hair raising mad dash to get there before sunrise. Can you spot the UK's national anthem?

….and here is the single that was released from the film. It actually made it into the UK charts.

Excerpt from 'Fallen Sons'. BBC Wales Playhouse.

Disney 'Cinderella'. Recorded at Angel Studios, London.

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Mercedes 'Faithful'. Recorded at Whitfield St. Studios, London.

The Turner Prize. Channel 4.

Here's a little waltz for the romantics amongst us…….

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Mercedes 'Peter Pan'. Recorded at Air Studios London.

An arrangement of Brahm's famous Lullaby. Recorded at Air Studios.

Here's an adaption to picture of a well known concerto by Viotti. Recorded at Angel Studios in London.

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Another arrangement. If you know your opera, you'll recognise this.

Level 3. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Level 3 again. Abbey Road.

Here is an arrangement by me of a beautiful ballad for piano solo.

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Finally a re-make of a lovely old track which I had to transcribe by ear. Mercedes and their ad agency, Merkley and Partners always seemed to have the best music briefs at that time. This track was recorded in 'The Beatles studio', Abbey Road. Not classical music as such, rather just classic like the Fab 4 themselves.

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