Concerto for Oboe and Strings

The Oboe concerto is in three movements, Allegro, Adagio Religioso and a quicker Allegro. It is scored for strings and harp only and lasts around 18 minutes. The first movement is a moderate paced sonata form with two contrasting subjects, one jaunty, the other more reflective. Towards the end there is a brief cadenza for the soloist before a coda.

The second movement is an adaptation of a choral work commissioned from me that set the Summa Tibi Trinitas for female a cappella choir. I extended some of the original music and also included some development too, always with the intent of keeping the quasi-spiritual sentiment intact. This music also uses close canonical writing in the strings inspired by 16th Century practices. The third movement is a sprightly Allegro, also utilising sonata type principles with two contrasting themes.

The second movement starts at 6'.36" and the third at 12' 45".

It is played beautifully here by
Rodrigo Escalona Saldeño.

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