Sonata for Violin and Piano

0:00 1 - Sonata
8:06 2 - Toccata
12:40 3 - Song
19:03 4 - Variations

The first movement is a typical sonata form structure. The first theme, slow and melancholy, gives way to a fast, energetic and rhythmic idea that propels the music forward.
Both ideas are developed before the melancholy of the first theme ends the movement.

The second movement is a Toccata in an A-B-A-C form. Virtuosic and rhythmically insistent on a semiquaver rhythm, the music explores an aggressive idea in the violin that then becomes a gentler accompaniment figure on the piano for the middle section over violin harmonics.

The third movement is a lyrical 'Song'. The violin theme, expressive and rather sad in nature gives way to a central section that scuttles rather enigmatically through a development of the central motive from the first theme.The reprise of the main theme sees the instrumental roles reversed with the piano now taking up the lead to the violin's accompaniment. A brief coda takes the violin into its highest register for a subdued and resigned end.

The fourth movement is a set of variations. Again, the music is somewhat virtuosic and asks a lot of the players. The theme heard on the piano at the start accompanied by rapid multi-stopped arpeggios for the violin. This material then goes through a number of treatments before a reprise of the main theme from the first movement. A brief flourishing coda brings the work to an end.

The wonderful performance here is with Alexandra Wood on violin and Huw Watkins on piano.