I trained at the Royal Academy of Music. Immediately after graduation I started working for a jingle house in Soho London and thus started my media career. I have won many awards for my media work and worked on very high profile campaigns. I also got to work with many of the UK's finest musicians in London.

In 2012 I decided to retire from writing music to stylistic and expressive order and concentrate on writing music with a more weighty and serious content. My influences vary greatly, but I would put Tippet, Britten and Dutilleux at the top of the list.

My aim is to communicate to as wide an audience as I can and so I have eschewed the dodecaphonic style and the permanent (some would say alienating) asymmetrical rhythm found in many contemporary works (but not before I dabbled with both of these parameters! ), in favour of a deeply personal harmonic approach to expression and structural function, allied with a willingness to always exploit any contrapuntal opportunities afforded by the material.

Having spent almost 30 years writing music for popular and immediate consumption, I am now on a journey of discovery to find out what I am capable of, wish me luck.